Top 5 Best Online Poker Players Ever

The next five top ranking players have done what few poker players have; they have not only become the best, but they have made sure to stay on top and to keep winning. Their immense wealth gathered from poker play alone shows that it is possible to make a living off of playing poker.

  1. The Best of the Best

With a lifetime winning of over $19 million, Phil Ivey is considered to be the best poker player in the history so far. He has participated in many tournaments, and walked away with major winnings. But, nowadays, he is rarely seen in bigger poker tournaments. Though, he needs time to manage his two companies, both related to poker. One of his hobbies is to play golf.

Player Phil Ivey

  1. The Finnish Poker God

Patrik Antonius is an excellent poker player, and he was the winner of the biggest online pot ever with the ante being over $1 million. But, the most interesting fact about him is that he is married to a well-known fellow poker player, Maya Geller. His mentor was Marcel Lüske, a famous poker player, and the leader of the “Circle of Outlaws”.

  1. One Part of the Brothers

The famous Dang brothers, who have been cruising high-stake poker for the last few years, started humbly and learned to play poker the hard way. Even though Di Dang is a great player, he started a career in the restaurant business in 2011 and since enjoyed the good life. Although he still comes around to play poker, it is quite rare to see him nowadays. Sometimes, people just have to know when to quit when on top of their career.

Dang brothers

  1. Looking For Advice

Searching the Internet to see what you can use to make your poker games better, chances are that you will run across Daniel Cates. Over at Casino room blog, you can find great advice on how to improve your play, and you will see some tips from the pros as well. Moreover, you will find interesting news about other poker players, and how they have moved on with their lives after their poker success. Cates has yet to reach his full potential, which is why you will also see him at the high-stake tables.

  1. A Memorable Player

Tom Dwan is one of those players whom you will not see playing as much, but who is capable of holding the ground when the tough gets going. Although he is not among the top, yet, he is not far from them. Even though he was a favorite as he started while still in his teens, some recent accidents with his peers have made him lose some reputation with them. He is currently more into other things than into poker, as can be seen from his recent plays.

Playing online and becoming a pro will take time and dedication, and unless you put in some effort, it is going to be hard to succeed. You might have a lucky streak, but it could be nothing more than that. Learn from the pros, and make sure to know when to stop. Make sure you do not go overboard, and that you do not lose too much money in the end.