Test your knowledge with the Unibet Aussie sports challenge : A online sports betting

So you think you are a big sports fan and you are familiar with teams and their venues? Well why don’t you put your abilities to the test in the Unibet Aussie sports challenge?

Unibet the online sports betting and racing betting company have created a game that will bring out the competition between the best of friends if you share the same passion that is. And what passion is that? Sports!

Why don’t you try your luck in the 10 questioned time critical challenge and see if you really are more knowledgeable than the rest. You will be presented with 10 interactive images that you can view from different angles with the 360 degree rotation feature. You will have to keep your calm though as you only have 10 seconds to answer each question correctly.  Once you have completed your questions you can share your results with your friends and even tag a particular friend you might want to challenge in your post egging them on to take part and try and beat your score!

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