Smart Earning With Smart Games Needs Smart Takes

Where in the old days all boys wanted to become professional footballers, a new boy’s dream is becoming increasingly common: making money with gaming. More and more children (including girls) are playing games, and some like it so much that they want to earn their money. The industry is also getting bigger.

Making money with gaming seems great, but as with all dreams, it is often too good to be true. Yet you can get a good job in the gaming world. But can you really make good money with gaming yourself? Or do you have to go another way? You can click for more information.

Make money playing games

Professional gaming is becoming increasingly accepted as a real sport. The so-called ‘eSports’ have recently received more attention in the media, and the prices are also increasing. The biggest prize pool ever in gaming this year was divided among players of Dota 2 in The Internationals: more than 18 million dollars! Fanatical gamers already get dollar signs in their eyes. Make money with something that you also really like? That sounds ideal, of course! Moreover, there are many professional gamers who share their skills with the rest of the world in so-called streams. As a result, the distance between pros and other gamers seems smaller. There are therefore more and more people who want to earn their money with gaming. Because once you are very good, you can earn a nice grease jar with it. And the prices will only increase in the coming years, as games become more popular and more money becomes available.

Making money with gaming sounds so ideal

Unfortunately, it is not all as great as it sounds. I may have suggested something too rosy to you. First, there are very few games in which good money can be made. If you look at the highest earning gamers, they almost all come from a handful of games. So you cannot be very good at Mario on the Wii and think that you can earn money with it. In addition, the chance that you can actually play professionally is extremely small. Actually, the same applies to other sports; there are a lot of people who can kick a nice ball, but very few are good and motivated enough to be able to play professional football to earn money. And then football is even easier than with gaming. In games, the prize pool is reserved for a very small number of people. Millions of people play League of Legends, but the prize pool at the World Championships is spread over just 80 players.

Professional gaming also costs a lot

Furthermore, do not think that playing casual 2 to 3 hours a day is good enough to make money. You almost have to breathe the game, you have to dream about it and – above all – you have to spend a lot of time on it. For most gamers, their game is just a full-time job. Many have had things like school and study to give up, with great risks. So you have to be prepared to invest a lot of time in your game. And not only in the game itself, but also to analyze and invent things. There is more to it than you might have thought beforehand! Want more info about slots? Click here and get it.